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Integrates seamlessly with your roof to deliver high performance, clean, green energy to your home without the look of unsightly bolt-on panels.

img-solartile-house-vertINTEGRATED DESIGN

Monier SOLARtiles integrate seamlessly into your flat profiled roof, minimising its visual impact. So even if your home faces north, its street appeal will not be compromised.


Unlike traditional bolt-on systems, the impact on the natural wind flow around the roof is minimised, hence wind pressures and debris build up around the system are reduced. Also, there is no need to cut, grind or drill through your existing roof during installation.


Being a tile based modular system, Monier SOLARtiles can be installed in any configuration including smaller sections of your roof to optimise energy production.


Whether you have an existing home or are building the house of your dreams, Monier has the knowledge to professionally install your SOLARtiles from delivery to final connection. We can even manage the STC rebate.


As one of Australia’s most established building materials companies, you can be confident in the knowledge that should you require any assistance with your Monier SOLARtile system into the future, CSR will be there to provide any technical, warranty and service advice.

Why SOLARtile?

Monier SOLARtiles are the first BIPV roofing product of its kind in Australia and supported by the largest roofing material supplier in Australia. SOLARtiles are about maintaining the look of your home, no ugly bolt on panels elevated above your roof. Instead, an aesthetically pleasing way to, not only save money on electricity, but also do your bit for the environment.

Monier has years of experience in the roofing industry and we take the integrity of your roof seriously. Service is important to Monier. As a valued customer you will get:

  • Installations carried out by licensed roofers and CEC accredited electricians
  • Technical support and education throughout the process
  • Safe work statements along with JSA
  • All work carried out in accordance with both roofing and  electrical standards, guaranteed
  • Paperwork flow explained and supported
  • STC management in house